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Photo:  Ethical Kitchen on Mackay Road in North Vancouver

The Ethical Kitchen is still going strong after 5 years on the North Shore!

This restaurant, market and organic garden-supplied “Kitchen” should not be missed. The food is delicious AND NUTRITIOUS! Pastries and bread, sauces and dressings are all made “in house” with local ingredients.  Dairy products are all organic, and meats biodynamic and grass-fed.

Founder Barbara Schellenberg’s philosophy of internal and external health can be summed up like this: “If the food we consume is bad for the environment, then it can’t be good for us; but if it’s grown with respect, it will nourish our bodies as well as the world around us.” [Source: North Shore News]

That’s something to consider as you settle in for a tasty meal at the Ethical Kitchen. Location: 1600 Mackay Road, North Vancouver. Tel: 604-988-6280. Web: www.ethicalkitchen.ca

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Video: 70-Year-Old Woman Finds The Fountain Of Youth! (This Is How)

Talk about “living proof” that eating vegan, raw, and organic food has long term benefits! The Florida woman, Annette Larkins, featured in this video looks young enough to be her meat-eating husband’s granddaughter rather than 70-year-old wife!

Larkins’ Miami- Dade County (Florida) backyard is full of organic fruits and vegetables.  She even collects rainwater for drinking and watering plants. Justifiably, she calls the food in her garden her ‘Fountain of Youth.” Impressive! Look closely at this woman. Many would be happy to look as good at 40 or 50 as Larkins does at 70!!

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Photo: Tortoise and the strawberry. Photographer: unknown.

Is this just another “so cute” photo, or a fable in the making? Maybe “slow–and organic–food wins the race” for this tiny competitor!

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Video: Congresswoman Pingree Announces Farm, Food and Jobs Act

A “Local Farms, Food and Jobs Act” bill is now before the US Congress. If passed, this bill will insure more organic and locally produced food in supermarkets and in the national school lunch program. The bill will also “help local family farmers connect to new markets and give them the support they need to thrive.”

This Local Farms, Food and Jobs Act bill was introduced in Congress by Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) and Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio). The EWG Action Fund is supporting this bill with an online petition to “Tell Congress that you and your family want more healthy, local food today!” A tough fight is expected. Please tell your members of Congress to support the Local Farms, Food and Jobs Act!

“This bill will do some really terrific things, such as:
1–Provide more money for local farmers’ markets and to help farmers adopt organic methods.
2–Allow schools to use more of their federal funding to buy fresh, local foods.
3–Make it easier for low-income families to use food stamps at farmers’ markets.
4–Increase support for local processing and distribution networks so schools, hospitals, stores and restaurants can more easily purchase healthy food directly from local farmers.
5–Improve credit and crop insurance for diversified and organic farmers producing for local markets.” [Source: EWG]

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