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Nuke Ready Corn?

Video:  Go!Animate “Nuke Ready Corn” animation (1 min. 30 sec.)

This Go!Animate animation is a hilarious “in a nutshell” (or “corn cob) view of genetically engineered Frankenfood. The corn in this feature is definitely NOT organic. Read labels! If ingredients list corn but do not mention “organic” or “certified organic,” then what you are eating IS “Nuke Ready Corn.” 

For a more serious (though much less catchy) animation about GE foods, check out the Greenpeace VIDEO below: 

Video: Genetically Modified Foods–World’s Greatest Scam?

Even more serious is this! Instead of proper trials for genetically modified foods, United States Department of Agriculture in alliance with the Chinese government have been secretly testing their latest GMO rice on young Chinese children. Greenpeace–and consumers–say STOP!

[To read FULL ARTICLE, see Health Freedom Alliance “US and China exposed secretly testing GMO rice on children.”]

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Chinese Army Bans GMOs!

chinese army bans gmo reduced

Photo: Chinese Army now GMO-Free!

So THIS is how China will conquer the world–or, at least, North Americans!The Chinese Army has BANNED all Genetically Modified (GMO) grains and oils! The reason: Health and safety concerns.

Way to go, China! Bans are happening little-by-little all over the world–except North America, of course–where Monsanto and other mega-corporations rule local and national governments and politicians. The BIG Island of Hawaii is ONE exception, having recently banned all GMO crops from the Island (with exception of papaya)

The ban by China’s army is, in fact, a step towards a country-wide ban by the Chinese government on import of all GMO grains and oils. It’s expected to happen within the next 2 yearsWhy the BAN? Answer: Growing public concern over GMO health and safety. Apparently, public opinion is better at prodding public officials in China than it is in North America. Too little is happening toward outright bans in either the United States or Canada! The struggle here is STILL primarily to just get Genetically Modified Organisms LABELLED!

Kudos to China, and to China’s now-free-of-GMO-grains-and-oils army! The expected BAN will be a HUGE blow to the Biotech industry worldwide. [For more information, see China Protects Its Army From GMOs.]


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GMO monsanto corn

Photo: Illustration from AlterNet

Like it or not , we’re ALL likely eating some Genetically Modified (GMO) food! Common ingredients like soy protein and  corn starch are derived from GMO crops. Check labels and you’ll see how difficult totally avoiding GMO ingredients has become in North America. (Europeans are smarter, having banned or done a “thumbs down” to most GMO foods.)

You might be surprised by what else is on the list of GMO foods:

1—Papayas! Seventy-seven percent of the papaya grown in Hawaii is genetically engineered (GE).

2—Milk! That pesky bovine growth hormone (rGBH), though banned for milk slated for human consumption in Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, still shows up in cheese, and ice cream. Forty percent of dairy products contain “rGBH”.

3—Corn on the cob, or sweet corn! Ninety percent of corn is GMO in the US and Canada. Only recently did Monsanto roll out GMO sweet corn. Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s have banned it in stores, but Walmart has added  GMO corn to its shelves.

4—Zucchini and other squash! Though most of these on the market are NOT GMO, a few are: straightneck, and crookneck squash, and some zucchini are GMO.

Now, you have a heads up for what else to avoid when shopping for groceries. For me, the loss of papaya hurts the most! I love papaya! [To read more, see 5 Foods You May Not Know Are Genetically Modified]

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Video: Trailer for GMO OMG!–the film

Keep this in mind when you’re shopping for groceries: “If it’s not “organic,” it’s GMO!” So claims the documentary GMO OMG! (For those not on social media, “OMG” equals “Oh My God”!)

That accurately describes how many of us feel–these days–about shopping for food. Simply feeding ourselves feels, more and more, like running a gauntlet of trust, mistrust, and outright lies. We humans (and animals too) are now participating–as guinea pigs--in the largest experiment ever conducted on living creatures. Unknowingly, we are ALL consuming–whether we like it or not–Genetically Engineered (GE), or Genetically Modified (GMO), foods on a daily basis!

Risks and effects  of GMO foods to health and to the environment are largely unknown, though what studies have been allowed to surface raise an alarm. GMO OMG! is about what’s happening to our world and our food supply–and, likely, to our health and the health of the planet. But, the film is NOT about science, it is all about us. GMO OMG! Is a Documentary About  People, Not Science.

[For more, see Huffington Post GMO OMG!] If you’d like to know how to avoid GMO foods right now, see 6 Easy Steps to Avoid GMO Foods from Natural News.]
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MAM 2014 reduced

Photo: 2014 March Against Monsanto poster

Heads up! The next March Against Monsanto happens Saturday, May 24—worldwide! Thousands of people round the world will AGAIN take to the streets to protest Genetically Modified (GMO) food.

Calls for “Ban it, or–at least–label it” will be heard. Add your voice. [For events near you, see  March Against Monsanto, Events Calendar.]

Here’s WHY we March Against Monsanto:

Video: March against Monsanto May 24, 2014

Monsanto’s GMO foods can lead to serious health conditions, including cancer, infertility and birth defects. In the US, the FDA—the agency tasked with food safety –is coordinated by ex-Monsanto executives. Talk about “conflict of interest”! The U.S. Congress–and President–recently passed a bill nicknamed “Monsanto Protection Act” which bans courts stopping the sale of Monsanto’s GMO seeds. Corruption taints our food supply–at EVERY LEVEL.

Last year March Against Monsanto marches happened on 6 continents, in 52 countries with events in over 400 cities. In the US, March Against Monsanto marches were scheduled in 47 states. This is how that looked:

Video: March Against Monsanto (Remix)

If you can participate in this year’s May 24 March Against Monsanto–do! Monsanto CAN be beaten! The BIG Island of Hawaii, just last month, banned GMO crops . The state of Vermont, last month, became the first state in the US to make labelling of GMO foods ‘mandatory’.

As Yogi Berra once so eloquently said: “It ain’t over ’til it’s over”! Join the March Against Monsanto on May 24!

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gmo_No Poll sharpened

Photo:  GMO monster illustration from The Liberty Beacon

Hilarious, but oh-so-true illustration! AND a majority of British Columbians would agree! A recent poll by Insights West finds 66 percent think NEGATIVELY of Genetically Modified (GMO) or Genetically Engineered (GE) food! That’s two-thirds! Of these, 56 percent support an outright BAN across Canada.

The Canadian Government is–as usual–slow to match public opinion. Federal approval for GMO food on store shelves continues, with the Government claiming–despite evidence to the contrary–that GMOs pose no health risk.

Local governments know better. Richmond has already banned GMO crops on all Richmond farms. (Though, 3 GMO cornfields still operate under ‘exemptions.’) Richmond Councillor Harold Steves, who comes from a long line of farmers, applauds all those who question GMO practices.  Says Steves:

While potential for long term health risks is debated, the many pesticides and herbicides sprayed on GMO foods pose an immediate threat. “Because [GMOs are] engineered to resist [herbicides and pesticides], it allows poison to be put directly on our food.”

[For more about this poll, see Genetically Modified foods not popular among British Columbians.]

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Photo: Illustration from Natural News

The “To Label or Not to Label” GMO food battles continue across the US and Canada with no end in sight. But, all is not lost for those of us who do NOT want to eat genetically engineered foods!

Here are six steps—recommended by Natural News—to easily avoid common Genetically Modified (GMO) or Genetically Engineered (GE) foods:

1—Avoid the processed food aisle in your local grocery! Processed, packaged foods—unless specifically labeled as “certified organic”--all contain some form of corn, cottonseed, canola or soy. All these are typically GMO. Look closely at those packages of cookies, crackers or other snack food.

2—Check the PLU product codes on all vegetables and fruits—and avoid any that start with an “8”. Those are GMO.  Also avoid any four-digit PLU. Those are “conventional,” which means not technically GMO, but still might contain toxic residues or pesticides.

Look for five-digit PLU codes starting with “9”. Those are certified organic.

3—Check that any added sugar is from “cane” and not “evaporated cane juice.” Ninety percent of sugar beet crop in the US is GMO!  Pure stevia extract and agave nectar are also non-GMO, and safe as a sugar substitute.

4—Any artificial sweetener added is likely a GMO. The sugar substitute “aspartame” is produced using genetically modified bacterial strains of E.coli. Avoid aspartame at all costs!

5—All-too-common additives like citric acid, maltodextrin and xanthan gum are GMO, and should be avoided. Good luck, though, finding any packaged food without any of these! Same problem with supplements! Try to avoid flavor enhancers, sweeteners, thickens.

6—Avoid all dairy products that are NOT organic, or that specifically contain a “No rBGH” label. What “rBGH” is, is artificial growth hormone.

Follow these six steps to avoid GMO foods. Your feeling of well-being and health will thank you!

[For more information, see Six easy steps to avoid common genetically modified foods.]
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