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Photo: samples of H&M’s Organic Collection for Spring 2009

Organic is more than just food. You can also wear organic! Have a look at “SUSTAINABLE STYLE: H&M Organic Spring ‘09 Collection” by Olivia Chen.

Here’s an excerpt from Chen’s article:

“Supporting sustainable style on a budget can be difficult, which is why we love that “H&M started producing organic cotton collections” for men, women, and kids a few seasons back. And the best news is yet to come: the popular clothing company has plans to increase their use of organic cotton in their clothing by 50% for the year of 2009, as compared to 2008. Which is why we are glad to see that the Spring 2009 collection has the same versatility and style that the brand has always offered — with an extra punch of eco-friendliness.”

[To read FULL ARTICLE, see inhabitat.]

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Photo: organic produce
Photographer: Babu, Reuters

Canada‘s  federal government is finally making “standards for organic foods” mandatory. That will give more punch to enforcement. Inspectors will soon be able to ” keep products falsely claiming to be organic off store shelves.”

Here’s more from an article by writer Sarah Schmidt in this weekend’s Province newspaper:

“As of June 30, only products with organic content that is greater than 95 per cent may be labelled as organic and can carry the new logo. Multi-ingredient products with at least 70 per cent organic content may say they are “organic products” and declare the percentage, but they cannot use the logo.

The national program will apply to products that move inter-provincially and internationally, but organic products sold within the province of origin are subject to provincial organic regulations and the consumer packaging.

The provinces of Quebec and British Columbia have organic certification systems in place, and other provinces are considering developing their own system, according to the CFIA.”

[To read FULL ARTICLE, see National standards for organics unveiled by federal government.”]

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Photo: certified ORGANIC Bioethique SKIN CARE products

France is where the best essential oils in the world are produced. All of the products in the Bioethique skin care line are made in France. 

Happily, these CERTIFIED ORGANIC skin care products are available here(as well as online from the manufacturer). Bioethique Organic skin care products are available locally from Facial Fitness Vancouver.

What “Certified Organic” means (which is what all Bioethique products are) is, according to the France’s Certification Board is this:

1) Your lab needs to be green;
2) Your containers need to be green;
3) Your brochures need to be green; and of course, obviously!
4) Your ingredients need to be green.

 Bioethique skin care products are made totally in France with the best of the best ingredients, ALL green, ALL Certified Organic!

For more information visit Bioethique’s website or Facial Fitness Vancouver.

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Photo: the building to be rennovated by Gustavsen Architects Inc.

Application by Karl Gustavsen Architects Inc. for a “Development Permit” to renovate the old West Vancouver Capers is scheduled for Monday, February 16th.
Start time is 7 pm. Location: City Hall, Council Chambers, 750 W. 17th Street in West Vancouver. [For more information:

The public is welcome to attend. If you have anything to say about the proposed changes to the interior and/or facade of the building, this is your opportunity.

Shoppers Drug Mart will be opening at this location later this year.

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