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Photo: from North Shore News feature “Eating well for a cause”
            (Ethical Kitchen’s homemade Butternut Squash Soup)
Photographer: Lisa King

Have you sampled the North Shore’s new ALL-organic (and local where possible) “Ethical Kitchen” yet? If not, you’re missing yummies. All “treat,” NO “trick”! (Holidays notwithstanding.)

There’s an article in the North Shore News this week all about this new “Ethical Kitchen” (just opened behind Indigo Books on Marine Drive in North Vancouver). The article is written by Deanna Lancaster. Here’s her “lead in”:

“As I see it, my gig — while reviewing — is to go for a meal, observe the environment, take note of the service, and make a call on the food. The reader’s interest is paramount, so while it might be nice to learn the life history of the owner, chef and/or busboy, I figure those details are a side story . . . not as relevant as the experience. But every once in a while, the story overshadows the meal.”

That’s a taste. [To view FULL ARTICLE, see “Eating well for a cause.”]

[For more, see an earlier posting on this blog, “New Organic Restaurant on North Shore”.]

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Photo: Real Estate “for lease” sign in now-closed-West-Vancouver-Capers


At last! At last! A whole year later but finally! West Vancouver CAPERS old store has been leased! There’s now a “LEASED” sign slapped across the “for lease” sign in the window. 

Why’d it take so long! A whole year has passed since WV Capers closed! That’s how long it took to find another “taker” for the space. Rumor has it, the new “space taker” is a SHOPPERS DRUG franchine!

As long as SHOPPERS keeps the wall mural outside intact, then welcome!

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Photo: Farm House Natural Cheeses/Debra Amrein-Boyes and George Boyes (and bovine friend)

The “Queen of Cheese” (pictured above) is on the cover of Granville magazine this month, (Fall 2008 Issue). These free magazines are available all round the Lower Mainland. (I picked my copy up at Robson Capers downtown.)

This article is for cheese-lovers and/or those about to become “cheese-lovers.” I had no idea BC had so many choices! Lucky us!

Here’s the lead in to “The Queen of Cheese”:

Twenty years ago, you could sum up the selection of BC cheese in your local grocery store with three words: mild, medium or sharp. The enduring charm of the grilled cheese sandwich notwithstanding, this was a limited palette if you wanted to buy local or even semi-local. But artisan cheesemaking has grown steadily in the province over the past 10 years, and today you can pluck BC-made smoked Capramonte and Welsh Caerphillys from the del-case as easily as a loaf of cheddar.”

Now added to my “to do” list: sample “Capramonte and Welsh Caerphillys” cheese. I’ve never heard of either. Clearly, I’d better “up” my “tasting game”!

[To read FULL ARTICLE, see Queen of Cheese.]


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Photo: cover of Edible Vancouver magazine, Autumn 2008

What a great cover photo! Could any fruit better say “autumn” than apples! That’s always the “first clue” on farmers’ market tables: apples, apples, lots and lots of applies! Not so much other produce…It’s autumn!

[For more from this “complimentary” at food store magazine, see Edible Vancouver.]

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