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Photo: Earth Source Organics “Righteously Raw” chocolate

Natural News  is a “natural health, natural living” online news source which continues to delight with witty and informative articles on a variety of subjects. Even the ads the interesting! That’s where I first saw “Righteously Raw Chocolates” featured.

Here’s what Natural News Editor (and Health Ranger) Mike Adams has to say about “Righteously Raw”:

“Earth Source Organics  has released a line of three chocolate bars that elevate chocolate to an almost erotic experience (some say a “neurotic” experience, but that’s only after eating ten maca bars for breakfast…). Kidding aside, I was handed a sample of their Righteously Raw Caramel Bar and decided to give it a try. The unique texture of the bar (it’s a caramel layer sandwiched with chocolate on the top and bottom) combined with the rich, complex taste just blew me away. And that doesn’t even mention the outstanding ingredients:

Cacao Butter, Cacao Powder, Khadrawi Dates, Lucuma, Coconut Oil, Agave Nectar, Vanilla Bean, Himalayan Pink Salt.

Got that? No sugar, no dairy, nothing pasteurized or homogenized. Just wholesome, exotic ingredients from around the world, combined into a dreamy, steamy chocolate bar experience that’s so good, it might just turn you into a chocolate fanatic!”

If that description doesn’t make you ready to try this ORGANIC chocolate, nothing will! [For more information, see Earth Source Organics.]

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Photo:  Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s Vertumnus (Emperor Rudolph II)

Today’s National Post (Canada)  features artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo, and his wonderfully zany “produce portraiture.”  This 16th century Court Artist/Imperial Art Director (during the Renaissance) was well-known in his time but forgotten after his death, at least until 80 years ago when surrealistic artists rediscovered his whimsical portraits.

“Elements of Arcimboldo began to show up in the work of artists like Man Ray, René Magritte and Salvador Dalí. In the 1930s the French Surrealist magazine, Minotaure, published reproductions of his work and Alfred Barr put him in a Museum of Modern Art exhibition called Fantastic Art, Dada and Surrealism in New York. Dalí decided Arcimboldo was the father of Surrealism.”

Arcimboldo depicted human faces through painted images of fruit, vegetables, flowers and animals. He was dubbed the “prince of produce portraiture.” For sure in the 16th century, long before multinationals and pesticides, ALL the produce Arcimboldo used in his art was organic! Kudos to Arcimboldo!

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Photo: Bioéthique Boutique and Day Spa, ALL organic and completely toxin-free SKIN CARE

Bioéthique Certified Organic skin care products are NOW AVAILABLE not only from Bioéthique online or from Facial Fitness Vancouver in Kitsalano, but from Bioéthique’s own brand new Boutique and Day Spa on Vancouver’s eastside. Location: 688 East Hastings Street, Vancouver BC.

Owner Claudin Michaud is passionate about creating chemical-free skin care products. If you want a manicure, for example, at the new Bioéthique Spa, you’ll have to remove your fingernail polish yourself BEFORE you come. This chic, Parisian-style beauty-bar is a totally chemical-free zone! For people with allergies, this Spa is likely to be Heaven on Earth.

This is not greenwashing hype. Bioéthique Certified Organic is a line of all natural, third-party certified vegan skin and body care, and hair care products. ALL Michaud’s products have been certified by Nature et Progrès, “a France-based that is considered one of the strictest, most comprehensive and transparent certifying agencies in the world.”

There is NO comparable agency in Canada. Says Michaud:

“There’s an assumption that our well-being is being considered on some sort of governmental level, where products that go directly onto your skin or into your hair are being tested for safety—or at least for veracity to make sure those ingredients [listed] are really in there—and that’s not happening.”

But, meanwhile we have Bioéthique Certified Organic Boutique and Day Spa to take up the slack. You can pamper yourself now with non-toxic, environmentally friendly, no animal testing, ALL ORGANIC and CERTIFIED skin and hair products. You’ll be glad you did!

[For more information, see “East Side beauty bar is a chemical-free zone” in the Georgia Straight.]

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Video: YouTube video of dog romping in snow way over its head!

A `joy to the world“romp for us all in the New Year!

In a blizzard in the late 1990’s, 54 inches of snow fell in 48 hours near Ward, Colorado. (Probably many in Eastern Canada, the United States and Europe can relate THIS YEAR with record snowfalls of their own!) The dog in this video loved every moment in four and five foot deep snow driftsNo snow hill was too deep for the romp!

View this VIDEO: “Dog in Snow.” Have a happy, happy romp in 2011!

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