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Photo: a sculpture carved entirely from butter

Butter art to biofuel? This is now possible!  If you Google “butter sculpture” you’ll hit more than 200,000 links, photos, and videos all about the art of butter sculpture[Included in the list is the video above.]

This artform originated in Tibet, (and is still practiced there by monks). In North America and Europe butter sculpture officionados and artists also abound. If you’d like to try out this artform yourself, check out “How to Make a Butter Sculpture.”]

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How about this “organically grown” flash mob, right here in our own city! This is Robson Street the day the 2010 Olympics opened. For an even closer, right in the thick of the dancing crowd view, check out this imagine1day video. Three thousand people, with barely the room to move, dancing in the streets. Vancouver rocks! What an Olympics we had!

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