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Photo: Collage from Organic Islands Festival & Sustainability Expo website

The Epoch Times features this Victoria, BC Organic Islands Festival in its June 26-July 2, 2008 issue. The headline is “Organic Islands creator feels the earth beneath her feet.”

The event is happening next weekend, Saturday and Sunday, July 5th and 6th. Location: Glendale Gardens and Woodland. [Map directions are posted on the Organic Islands website.]

This Festival includes 125 exhibits and is expected to attract more than 7,000.  Here’s what you’ll find at the Festival: “local goods for sale, activities for children, high profile panel discussions, health and wellness, grassroots activism, local chefs and real farmers.”

Founder and producer of the Festival Deb Morse asks: “When was the last time your felt the grass beneath your feet?”  The Organic Islands Festival offers a chance to do just that and to sample lots of ORGANIC food as well.

For more information and REGISTRATION: call 250-658-8148 or visit the website: Organic Islands Festival.

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Photo: Robin Delany, owner (with his wife) of Delany’s Coffee Houses

Delany’s Coffee now has FOUR outlets on the North Shore, plus another in downtown Vancouver. Today’s Vancouver Sun features an article about about the process: “Delany’s scouts perfect location before opening coffee shops”

Says Robin Delany: “It’s critical that you have a great, and not just a good, location. You have to pick the right side of the street, the sunny, ‘go-to-work’ side. And there should be complementary retailers beside you.”

AND Delany’s is where you can “tap” ORGANIC free trade coffee throughout the day!

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Photo: location map from Babyeats website

ORGANIC hits “babyville” and upscale “latte” drinkers! Check out this terrific article in this weekend’s National Post called “Babyeats buffalo” by Sarah Bancroft:

“Wow! Look at all the toys!” shrieks a woman running toward the play area. She’s a 30-ish mother with short blond hair, skinny jeans and black toenail polish. She grabs a cappuccino and starts to gab with a woman who is carrying a book titled Mama Renew. Her brood of towheads sprints to the custom-made wood kitchens. She laughs, she’s relaxed, her coffee doesn’t get cold.

We’re in North Vancouver on a recent Sunday morning at Babyeats, a revolutionary new organic restaurant cum modernist playground. But really, we could be anywhere. All over the world there are hungry parents, starved for adult conversation, unable to justify a $70 babysitting bill on top of a restaurant tab, tax and tip. Open less than a month, Babyeats is already looking for new locations, and parents are lining up for yearly memberships at $125 per person (kids are $75).

For more about this LATEST savvy ORGANIC food and play and coffee idea, read ALL of Bancroft’s article online at the National Post: Babyeats buffalo. For more from the source, here’s the LINK to Babyeats.

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