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This BLOGGER [Where Else Organic] is taking a much needed, long overdue BREAK.

That’s a break from seven years–uninterrupted, more than 500 posts, tens of thousands of visitors–from around the world! Readers hail from Canada, the U.S., Europe, South America–and even Australia. Who knew so many, from so many places, cared about ORGANIC FOOD! At the start–that surprised me. Now, I take organic food  interest everywhere for granted–and raise my glass of organic wine!

Hiatus starts now! Enjoy the 500 plus postings you’ll find here. AND, remember to eat organic, support organic–and celebrate organic food, and organic food producers–local and international. Cheers!


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Video: The Visual Microphone: Passive Recovery of Sound from Video

This video is mind-blowing!! It’s now possible to eavesdrop on conversations using a bag of chips. That’s right! According to researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), a bag of potato chips can no longer be trusted to stay mum. Nearby potted plants are also suspect!

You don’t even need whistleblowers like Snowden giving up NSA secrets to clue you. The above video DEMONSTRATES these ‘new realities.’ It’s a brave, new world! Everyone—and EVERYTHING—is listening!

No word on whether organic or NOT organic tells the better tale!

[To learn more, click It’s Now Possible to Eavesdrop on Your Conversation Using a Bag of Chips.]

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Photo:  Union Square farmers market in New York City
Photographer:  Monika Graff / Getty Images

This study claims “Organic food turns people into jerks.” Hilarious as this might sound, there could be truth to that claim! Are we “ORGANIC-preferred” folk self-righteous and judgemental toward those who are not?  Do you look askance at someone bringing non-organic, or foreign-grown, or out-of-season fruit to a potluck. What if they forget to bring a reusable bag?
Here’s an anecdote from a woman trying to buy a fruit platter from an uppity organic produce guy in Seattle:  He was like, ‘If you want fruit platters, go to Safeway. We’re organic.’ I finally bought a small cake and some strawberries and then at the check stand, the guy was like ‘You didn’t bring your own bag? I need to charge you if you didn’t bring your own bag.’ It was like a ‘Portlandia’ skit. They were so snotty and arrogant.” [Source: MSNBC]

AND the study only gets worse for us organic-only, self-righteous and judgemental food fanatics. [To read MORE, see “Does organic food turn people into jerks?”] I’m still laughing!

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Video: How to End Factory Farming

Factory Farms are a travesty! If you’re unfamiliar with conditions for animals on “Factory Farms,” then this video is an eye-opener.  Animals pay a heavy price for “cheap,” mass-produced meat: cruelty! Animals raised for food feel pain—and suffer—just like your family pets would, if you treated them as animals are treated in Factory Farms.

What can you do? As a start:

1--Refuse to buy factory farmed animals.

2–East less meat.

3--Educate yourself. Make informed choices.

4–Eat organic, certified organic and/or free range meats only.

5--Make a pledge to NOT support Factory Farms: Make It Possible.

Here’s how a healthy, happy, well treated–NOT Factory Farmed–pig looks:

snout kissing

Photo: Saying “hello” to a free range, well loved pig!

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Video: Raw Vegan Diet Makes 70 Year Old Woman Look 40

Imagine being 70 years old, but looking 40! If this video doesn’t make you think twice about what you’re eating and why, nothing ever will! Just ask Florida resident Annette Larkins.

What started for Larkins as a quest for increased energy and health, turned into a raw vegan and organic only lifestyle. When people see Larkins and her husband together, they think she’s his granddaughter! That’s the difference eating fresh, raw and organic fruits and vegetables makes. That, and NO meat or other animal products!

Annette Larkins is “dubbed by many as an ‘ageless woman’ who discovered the fountain of youth. Her secret is right in own backyard. How does she do it? Simple: She’s been eating completely raw–and organic–foods for 27 years.” [Source: Natural News]

This video blows my mind every time I see it! Let’s hope it’s never too late to start eating this smart!

[For more about Larkins and her oh-so-healthy diet, see 70-year-old looks half her age, says raw food diet is the reason why.]

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Photo: Voices of the Food Revolution by John Robbins book

John Robbins (and son, Ocean Robbins) new book, Voices of the Food Revolution, is a MUST  READ.

I couldn’t put this book down. Voices of the Food Revolution, released in September 2013, is riveting–even for those of us who think we know a lot about food, an eye opener! What’s healthy, what’s killing us and the planet, all the politics, and corruption, what really is known about nutrition and health…so much.

The book is billed as “21 Life Changing Conversations,” and it lives up to the billing. Robbins interviews 21 of the world’s leading food experts and thinkers. What we need to know that no one’s been telling us: This book’s a “tell-all”…definitely worth a read!

The book consists of interviews with 21 of today’s leading-edge food experts–medical doctors, nutritionists, philosophers, and activists. John Robbins asks the questions. The illuminating answers come from Dean Ornish, MD, Marianne Williamson, Joel Fuhrman, MD, Elizabeth Kucinish, Frances Moore Lappe, and 16 other thinkers and experts in food, health, and environment.

The book is a “tell-all”:

–What can you do to get healthy?
–How can you help the environment through your food choices?
–What do you need to know that no one is telling you?

The answers are in Voices of the Food Revolution!

Video:  What Earth Savers Eat

Quote from Paul McCartney on the cover: “Empowering. This book highlights ways to set a new pattern for the future of the planet.” All of us, included. Voices of the Food Revolution.

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Photo:  Maizz Visual “Dioses del Maiz” display in Mexico City

Mexico invokes pre-Hispanic gods to protest GMO corn.

Behold! Mexico’s pre-Hispanic Gods are on the rise again! Why? To protest Genetically Modified (GMO) corn, and to protect Mexico’s native maiz (corn) from Monsanto and other mega-corporations. To rally support, Maizz Visual created “Dioses del Maiz,” a monumental audiovisual installation that projects 3-D faces of Mexico’s corn gods over the top of trees in Mexico City’s Parque Mexico.

Though Mexico currently imports significant amounts of corn from the United States—where nearly ALL corn (except organic) is Genetically Modified—the hope is to stop Monsanto from moving forward with plans to plant millions of hectares of GMO corn in Mexico, thereby, cracking the door for complete privatization of maize seed market by a few giant corporations.

All is not yet lost! Last September a Mexican judge banned cultivation of Genetically Modified (GMO) corn in Mexico. Of course, Monsanto is contesting the ruling.


Photo: Close up of  Pre-Hispanic Corn God in Mexico City GMO protest

Maizz Visual’s 3-D pre-Hispanic gods raise awareness of the conflict between GMO corn and native maiz. The hope is to rally support to continue the BAN. Fingers crossed for Mexico! [For more information, see Pre-Hispanic Corn Gods Protest Genetically Modified Maize in Mexico City.]

Related: Peru Has Banned Genetically Modified Foods for 10 Years. Yay, Peru!
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