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Photo: food sculptures from artist and chef Jimmy Zhang (San Francisco)

These are “food samples” from an a well-circulated artist (and San Francisco chef), Jimmy Zhang. Numberous websites and blogs feature these playful sculptures.

Here’s an excerpt from one of the many blogs. This one is called “Neatorama”:

“The New York Times has a neat article by Kate Murphy and photo gallery about the art of fruit and vegetable carving. If you’re thinking of radish roses in some depressing banquet in a third-rate hotel, think again: the new food art is enjoying somewhat of a rennaisance thanks to Saxton Freymann’s 1997 book “Play With Your Food.”

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young woman with glass of mineral water

Photo: a glass of drinking water

What’s GENUINELY CLEAN and HEALTHFUL drinking water?  The author,  health-guru Dr. Mercola, says this:

“Most people believe they can obtain their water requirements from sodas, coffee, highly processed fruit juices, and superficially healthy options like Gatorade. While drinking these fluids will clearly keep you alive, there is a huge gap in what they will do to your or your family’s health. Replacing these junk fluids with pure water is simply one of the most powerful lifestyle changes you can make to start improving health. Pure water is your BEST choice!”

But there’s more, once you do what’s suggested above, getting enough WATER at the right times is also IMPORTANT. Many of us who are “health and fitness nuts” regularly do “The AMAZING WATER THERAPY.”

What’s “The AMAZING WATER THERAPY”? Answer: BEFORE you do anything else (after you wake up) in the morning, drink ONE (or even better, one and a half) LITRES of water (on an empty stomach). NEXT, do NOT eat anything for ONE HOUR following. What this does is completely saturate your body with water (which your body has been deprived of while you sleep) AND, most importantly, this water FLUSHES all the toxins that have accummulated in your body from your system.

This therapy really is “amazing” AND so simple to do. Just make sure the water you drink is pure.

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Photo: “organic, fair trade-certified, and absolutely delicious chocolate made in America from bean by Theo Chocolate”

Today’s “Evening Magazine” (on King TV) features Seattle’s “Theo Chocolate Factory.” Chocolate Scientist (yeah, really…nice work if you can get it!), Andy McShea is interviewed and gives a walk through for the Theo research facility. McShea is a Harvard-trained molecular biologist. What he studies at Theo is “cacao beans.”  The goal: to take the technology to the CACOA farmers, so the best possible organic chocolate can be produced.

Have a look at the interview: “Science of Chocolate.”  You can also TOUR Theo Chocolate the next time you’re in Seattle. There are daily tours of the chocolate factory at Theo.

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Photo: Edible Schoolyard by chef, author and organic food promoter Alice Waters

Alice Waters, once dubbed by the New York Times as a “food revolutionary” was featured on “60 Minutes” recently. Waters is teaching children (and adults) how easy, environmentally friendly and healthy fresh, organic food can be. 

Here’s a link to Lesley Stahl’s “60 Minutes” interview (video included): “Alice Waters and the Antidote to Fast Food.”

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