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Photo: from City Farmer News website, featuring New Stories From ‘Urban Agriculture Notes’

Urban Agriculture
is a worldwide phenomenon.
As food prices rise eating “local organic” becomes evermore appealing. In Victoria, British Columbia the City Harvest project currently grows vegetables in seventeen private yards. AND the municipal council there has passed the necessary bylaw to make “urban agriculture” possible.

This is from an article by Michael Levenston:

“City Harvest is a business which uses urban space in Victoria, BC — yards or vacant land — to produce hand-tended, sustainably produced vegetables to market. City Harvest is also responsible for a pending bylaw amendment in its home municipality of Oak Bay where agriculture – defined as the production and subsequent sale of produce – has been illegal. The municipality’s council has ratified the amendment which now welcomes urban agriculture, and the bylaw will be changed upon a public hearing on the issue in the near future.”

For more, click on City Harvest, Victoria.

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Photo: logo and “teaser’ from Latin Organics website

Latin Organics offered a sample of their delicious ORGANIC Fair-Trade coffee earlier this week in Dundarave’s “Marketplace.” The owner of the company, Martha Bowen, worked four years in West Vancouver Capers before deciding to launch an ORGANIC coffee company of her own from her native Columbia.

This is from an article in the Vancouver Sun about Latin Organics:

[Says Bowen] “I got more and more interested and thought there must be organic coffee in Columbia. So I got a list [of organic growers] and found one group in my hometown. And that’s when I decided what I wanted to do.” Bowen said she wanted to sell only certified organic and certified fair trade coffee.

She also feels that by paying the farmers good wages, she can help prove to other Colombians that organic agriculture is a way out of poverty and an alternative to the illicit drug industry. I wanted to work with my hometown and continue the work of my grandfather, who traded with the Arhuaco Indians,” said Bowen, who now lives in Horseshoe Bay. “I wanted to keep that connection.”

Bowen said she received a loan through the federal Business Development Bank of Canada after presenting them with a business plan. “We started selling in 2005 when I resigned from Capers to concentrate on my company full time.”

Have a look at this video clip from Latin Organics in the news: Latin Organics at Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre West Vancouver Capers “regulars” will recognize Bowen in the clip.

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Photo: one of several on the “Endangered Species” ORGANIC chocolate website

This is really delicious chocolate (and for a good cause too. besides satisfying chocolate cravings). I eat the organic “smooth dark with blueberries or cherries” often. Looking inside the wrapper to see what’s written inside never occurred to me before now. (A prize or contest information inside the wrapper of an “organic chocolate bar” struck me as “unlikely.”)

What is on the inside of (at least one) Endangered Species “smooth dark with blueberries” organic chocolate bar is this:

“100 % Ethically traded. We buy only cacao grown in the natural shade of rich, diverse forests. Choosing our chocolate is one way you can help support sustainable forest farmland and the species that flourish there. Since it is ethically traded we ensure farmers humane working conditions and a fair price for their cocoa.”

There’s more, but I leave it to you to tear open the wrapper on your own Endangered Species to see what’s there WHILE you savor the taste of these delicious chocolate bars!

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Photo: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and two of their now SIX children

For all you fans out there of “Brangelina” (and company): Angelina Jolie eats ORGANIC. Here’s an update “post-twins birth” about Angelina’s diet. (AND it’s mind-boggling HOW MANY postings and links feature Jolie on the web!).

This excerpt is from Tree Hugger:

“New moms rejoice! Even the seemingly perfect Angelina needs to work to get her pre-pregnancy shape back. With her twins not even a week old, she’s already put herself on an organic diet – one that’s high in fresh vegetables and Omega-3. According to her friend, Angelina’s menu includes “organic salmon with tomatoes, brown bread and herbs for breakfast, while mackerel or grilled fresh tuna with watercress, spinach, tomatoes is typical for lunch or dinner.”

So, now you know!

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Photos: from Blue Goose Cattle Company website

This is on a sandwich sign near the entrance to Dundarave Beach Concession:

“The Blue Goose Cattle Company is a proud provider of ORGANIC BEEF PRODUCTS. We are a family owned working cattle ranch, situated in the semi-remote South Cariboo region of British Columbia, Canada.

We are responsible for the management and stewardship of over 3,000 acres of leased and deeded land.

Our livestock are humanely treated, fed the finest natural feeds, free of growth-promoting hormones or antibiotics.”

This is good news for beef lovers, and a chance to support local BC suppliers.

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Photo: Seaside Village Cafe in Horseshoe Bay

This Seaside Village Cafe overlooks a sidestreet a few steps from Horseshoe Bay Park and ferry docks. ORGANIC coffee is on tap. You can even have “capuccino” organic! Also available are energy drinks, fresh-made sandwiches, fruit, juices, nuts, and bakery goods.

Location: 6657 Royal Avenue, West Vancouver (Horseshoe Bay).
For more information call “Parnia”:

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Photo: Babyeats “Free Admission” special in Friday’s North Shore News

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